Monday, April 12, 2010

Eight Linden Street Warehouse Artists in March Show

Eight Artists from the Linden Street Warehouse were featured in a group show at Little House, Menlo Park, California, during the month of March. These artists shared representative pieces of their work in this group show.

This exhibit showcases a variety of artist visions, styles, processes, and materials. Housed in a large space, are eleven individual art studios, each inhabited by an artist manifesting their own creativity. We present here the Paintings of Jeff Brown, the Monotype prints of Kalani Engles, a Painted Mural piece by Lisa Kindley, a Mixed Media sculpture by Marianne Lettieri. Book Arts by Barbara Mortkowitz, a Multi-layered Painting by Bonny Novesky, Collage Painting Compositions by Joyce Savre, and Encaustic and Collage pieces by Lia Schnipper.

- Jeff Brown is a painter working with bold, colorful imagery.
- Kalani Engles makes Monotype Prints, and is a Painter.
- Lisa Kindley is a Muralist, and the owner of Butterfly Studios.
- Marianne Lettieri is a Mixed Media Artist. (And purveyer of fancy goods!)
- Barbara Mortkowitz is a maker of Art Books.
- Bonny Novesky creates amazing layered pieces inspired by her travels to far flung places.
- Joyce Savre Is a Collage Artist incorporating Drawing and Painting in her Artwork.
- Lia Schnipper works with Encaustic and does Collage Compositions.

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