Friday, July 9, 2010

Joyce Savre Solo Show at Rourke Art Gallery

This solo show at Rourke Art Gallery is somewhat of a dream come true for painter Joyce Savre. Having hailed from Moorhead, Minnesota, Joyce explains, "In my first art class at Concordia, a friend and I sat on 4th Street and painted the Rourke Art Gallery. I would never have dreamed that some 40 years later I'd have the paintings hanging inside."

Getting New Cards is So Much Fun

Kalani Engles shared her newest artist calling card with's always so much fun for an artist to get new cards. And it's a great way to showcase your beautiful work. Perfume River 6 looks so lovely here.

Bonny Novesky and Joyce Savre Showing at Heatherfields

Bonny Novesky and Joyce Savre are currently showing their artwork at Heatherfields in Saratoga, CA - along with former Linden Street artist Marianne Lettieri! The opening last night was a huge success and fellow artist Kalani Engles was there to lend her support and enjoy the festivities.

Heatherfields is a special boutique with a focus on art, in the quaint village of Saratoga. Owner Patrice Davis is an interior designer and provided a lovely salon setting to showcase the works of these three artists.

Make sure you stop by for a visit, as the show will be up for another month!